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GHS PTSA Calendar 2014-2015

“A Community Launching Pad for Dynamite Nitros”

WELCOME back to school!

I’m Megan Schowengerdt and I’m proud to represent Glendale High School and its Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PTSA) for the upcoming school year, serving as President. My daughter, Katie, graduated from GHS in 2009, from UCLA in 2013 and is now teaching 1st grade in the Bronx as part of Teach For America. My son, Doug, will be a senior this year and is gearing up for the college application process. My husband & I are keenly aware that we are readying our youngest to go out into the world & make a rewarding life for himself. We are entering the launching phase of our parenting. And so are you.
GHS PTSA is in this with you, and we are in it to win it! We are going to do our very best to inform you of ALL up and coming events at GHS along with everything that PTSA has to offer you and your student, either by e-mail, “all call” or on the GHS website.

Q: Do I have to attend meetings if I join?
A: No! You are very welcome to attend meetings, but it isn’t mandatory.
Q: Do I have to do anything, volunteer, or help out?
A: Again, no, it isn’t mandatory. Help is always welcome, & the camaraderie, friendship & support that come from helping at events is more than worth the time & effort invested, in my humble opinion, but that’s not doable for everyone. No worries!
Q: So why the heck should my family join GHS PTSA?
A: Because there is strength in numbers! GHS PTSA is a unit of California State & National PTA, which advocates for, publicly recommends or supports issues that involve the safety and welfare of children & families. The more members we have, the stronger our voice.

I ask that you (1) please consider joining the GHS PTSA for $7.50 and (2) join us at our first Association meeting on August 18th at 6pm in the school library. Our first program will be a “Parent Survival Guide” to help parents of kids in all grades navigate the sometimes-turbulent waters of parenting high school students.

Looking forward to a great year together,

Megan Schowengerdt
GHS PTSA President 2014 - 2015
818-590-8309 or

GHS PTSA Board 2014-2015
President: Megan Schowengerdt
1st VP-Programs: Cristin Wills
2nd VP-Parent Involvement: Rose Zandueta
3rd VP-Ways & Means: Sara Medina
4th VP-Legislative: Linda Guzik
Recording Secretary: Jennifer Palacios
Treasurer: Karen Spencer
Auditor: Marcie Lumpkin
Historian: Karla Kerlin

GHS PTSA Officer Nominations

President: Open
1st VP Programs: Cristin Wills
2nd VP Parent Involvement: Rose Zandueta
3rd VP Ways and Means: Marc Perlman
4th VP Legislative Advocacy: Linda Guzik
Treasurer: Karen Spencer
Auditor: Marcie Lumpkin
Historian: Laurel Perlman
Secretary: Jennifer Palacios

Join the PTSA for $7.50 a person and become a member of the largest national volunteer organization that advocates for the welfare of our children!

Our PTSA is involved in the following:
• Advocating for student welfare, bringing information to the school community
• Helping provide funding for student programs as requested by teachers and staff
• Volunteering at student events
• Teacher Appreciation events
• Running the concession stands at all football games as major fundraiser

By being a member you provide the opportunity for individuals to raise their voices with others throughout the state and the nation to speak for all children and families.

As a member, you are under NO obligation to attend any GHS PTSA meetings or volunteer, and will be welcomed if you choose to become more involved. It’s easy and everyone can join! Find the best way for you to join:

1. Simply fill out the enclosed envelope with student name(s) and grade(s) level and $7.50 for each member joining the PTSA. Return the envelope to your Student Service Center, the main administration office or any PTSA board members.
2. Go our online store to use a credit card (transaction fees for 2014-2015 memberships apply) to go directly to the store and login OR 3. Go to the main page of, click on Group Invite and use Code 6719tok

GHS STUDENTS: Any GHS student that becomes a PTSA member will have their names placed in the opportunity drawing for a $50 gift certificate to the Americana. Also, his or her name will be entered in the opportunity drawing for each additional joining member (example: mom, dad, grandmother, uncle, plus student, 5 entries). Drawing will be held the first week of November 2014.

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California State PTA Mission Statement

“The mission of the California State PTA is to positively impact the lives of all children and families by representing our members and empowering and supporting them with skills in advocacy, leadership, and communication.” (Adopted by the California State PTA Board of Managers, July 2007)

Website References:
Glendale Unified School District:
Glendale Council PTA:
California State PTA:
National PTA:

Join the PTA PSA campaign
New videos get to the heart of  family involvement


Just in time for the new school year, the California State PTA has launched a public service announcement (PSA) campaign to engage families and promote PTA.

These video announcements feature real PTA members speaking straight from the heart about the benefits and rewards of getting involved in their children's public schools. (They were made possible  through the generous support of the Pearson Foundation.)

You can help to spread the PSAs' message and passion for involvement. Post them on your local PTA website. Encourage schools and school districts to post them. E-mail them to friends, supporters and prospective PTA members - in other words - everyone!

It's easy: Just click on the image above to watch the initial set of PSAs and to find out more about how to share them. (You can also watch them on the California State PTA website,

Now more than ever, the children of California need adults to step up and to speak out on their behalf. We hope you'll agree and lend your voice to the effort.


The California State PTA has nearly 1 million members throughout the state working on behalf of public schools, children and families, with the motto, "Every child, one voice." The PTA is the nation's oldest, largest and highest profile volunteer organization working to improve the education, health and welfare of all children and youth. The PTA also advocates at national, state and local levels for education and family issues. The PTA is nonprofit, nonsectarian and noncommercial.
For more information about the California State PTA, visit